Center Rental Information

The Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center has two Rental spaces available for your event, read about each below.

The Lounge

The Athletic center has a lounge capacity of 240. We have 100 chairs with 20 banquet tables available for your event.

Rental is limited to 240 participants.  Includes use of the lounge, deck, kitchen and upper restrooms.  Set up can begin at 12:00p and KTAC will setup the tables and chairs for the  renter.  The renter should provide a lounge layout at least one week prior to the event.  Beer / Wine / Champagne are the only alcoholic beverages allowed.  

Limited to 100 participants.  Rental includes use of the lounge, kitchen and upper rest rooms.  Set up and clean up must be included within  the 5 hours.  The renter is responsible for set up and take down of any tables and chairs used. 

Rental is limited to 30 participants.  Rental includes use of the lounge, kitchen, and upper restrooms.  Set up and clean up must be within the 3 hours.  A Birthday party rental may include use of the pool.  The first 15 swimmers are included in the rental price., additional Fees for 16 or more swimmers.

The Pool

Always maintained at a comfortable 83°, KTAC’s saltwater pool is now yours to enjoy for birthday parties, get-together’s, and other activities!

  1. Rental Agreement and Deposit are required to hold any date.
  2. Decorations may not be hung from the light fixtures, taped or pinned to the walls. Do not use tape on the walls mirrors, ceilings and windows.  “Tac” may be used to hang items from the windows and walls
  3. Candles, confetti and bubbles are not permitted on the premises.
  4. All events must provide their own music. Renters cannot use the aerobic stereo equipment or speakers.
  5. If serving alcoholic beverages, the renter must provide to the center a banquet permit Kegs are to be placed inside a container wider than the keg and a minimum size 4×4 rug placed under the container.
  6. Food may be catered for the event. Food may not be prepared on the premises.  Facilities are available for keeping food cold, frozen or warm.
  7. The person renting the lounge must remain on the premises the entire rental period.
  8. Additional lifeguard fees apply for Birthday Parties if size warrants it.
  9. KTAC is a non smoking facility. Smoking is only allowed outside and 25 feet from the building.  Please use proper receptacles to dispose of cigarette butts.