With our continued focus on your COMPLETE health and wellness, we are excited to announce the return of A.J. Rinehart and Wisdom Healing Qigong! Beginning May 2, A.J. will be guiding practice and re-introducing Qigong Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8am, and Fridays from 9-10am (for the not-so-early birds!).

“If I could tell everyone just one thing, is that health wise, if one is not incorporating both eastern AND western knowledge into their daily routines, they’re missing the boat!” – A.J.

In a nutshell, Wisdom Healing Qigong teaches us how to RELAX, which is a vital component to healing. As our blood flow slows/opens, the oxygen and nutrients are delivered deeper to repair tissues at the cellular level. The gentle, specifically guided movements of the physical practice then flush the toxins out of the tissues in order of maximum benefit – like wringing a dirty sponge. The best part is that the benefits are immediate, regardless of the ‘condition’ of the individual practicing. Qigong can be done seated, standing, or even horizontal with proper mental participation. ANYONE can do it and benefit – not just those who need physical healing, but also those dealing with mental stress.

May 2nd through May 6th, A.J. will be offering class every single weekday morning at 7am, plus at 9am on Friday morning for a total of six classes. Ask questions and see what it’s like. A.J. does an excellent job at translating and “de-mystifying” the 5,000-year-old ancient teachings into our modern, western understanding! We hope to see you there!

For more information and to reserve your spot, call 360.692.8075.

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