Achieve your fitness goals with Personal Training at KTAC!

Personal Training and TRX at Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center, KTACPersonal Training at Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center is an important part of of our mission to help create an active and healthy community.  Personal training is a great way to help people stay accountable to their fitness goals.  Personal Trainers help guide you through safe exercise and training processes and help you to identify and meet clearly outlined fitness goals.  At KTAC, members and guests have access to a range of personal training options from private training sessions, semi-private and group training.

Why Personal Training Works

PT helps people achieve their personal fitness goals through support and accountability.  Many people fail to even start toward their fitness goals because they just don’t know where to begin, don’t know proper and safe techniques and strategy for working out and training, or just can’t get started on their own.  PT is the perfect solution for these individuals.  KTAC’s Personal Trainers help individuals assess their fitness goals, learn safe and effective strategies for achieving those goals, and offer on-going support and accountability structure to help you stay on the path for achieving your fitness goals.

For those who are more experienced, PT is a great way to extend the range and focus of your workouts with the help of an expert who can help you maximize the benefits of your workout.  If you are ready to step your workout up a notch, contact the front desk to learn more about training options here at KTAC.

Find a Personal Trainer at KTAC

At Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center we employ several Personal Trainers with a variety of strengths, certification and experience.  We invite members and guests to meet with a personal trainer to talk about your personal fitness goals and how our personal trainers can help you achieve them.

Schedule your personal training appointment or find out more at:

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Private Personal Training

Personal Training and Personal Trainer at KTAC

Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training and Personal Trainer at KTAC

Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training