Racquetball is an integral part of the fitness and athletics program here at Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center.  KTAC offers recreational and competitive play opportunities with an active community of players.  Our program includes weekly round-robin play and an in-house Ladder, as well as annual USAR/WRA sanctioned tournaments.

Racquetball at Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center

Racquetball Facilities

KTAC’s facilities include four well-maintained, USAR regulation racquetball courts.  Courts may be reserved by KTAC members through their Club Automation Accounts.

Private and Group  Instruction

Private and group  instruction is available here at KTAC.  Instructor Rocco Vega is a USAR Certified Racquetball Instructor.  Rocco is one of the top players in Washington State and is actively involved as a leader in the WRA organization here in Washington.

Private Lessons: 1st Wednesday of each month at 5, 6 and 7pm by appointment.  $30/hour.

Group Lessons: Available by advance appointment, 1 Saturday per quarter.

To schedule lessons contact Rocco directly at 253.212.8808.

Racquetball-Only Membership

Guests may purchase a single membership for $60.00 per month. It includes access to the racquetball courts, pickleball courts, sauna, hot tub and locker rooms. Click here to learn more about the membership options available at KTAC.

In-house Ladder

Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center hosts a weekly round-robin event every Tuesday from 1:00pm to 7:00pm.  KTAC maintains an in-house Ladder for competitive play among our members.  Ladder rankings are posted weekly.  Non-member guests are invited to participate in the weekly event. The Guest Fee for this event is $10.00 per event.  Guests are encouraged to take advantage of our membership options and enjoy more of KTAC’s facilities.

USAR Sanctioned Tournaments

In addition to our regular Ladder, KTAC hosts 1-2 USAR sanctioned racquetball tournaments each year including the Kitsap SPLAT Tournament held in the fall each year.  Tournaments are open to members and guests throughout the region and beyond.


The USA Racquetball Association (USAR) is the governing body for the sport for the US Olympic Committee.  The Washington Racquetball Association (WRA) is the official state level affiliate of the USAR here in Washington State.