New Junior Tennis Classes with Ben beginning Monday, August 3

Due to restrictions related to COVID-19 and Phase 2 of the Washington Safe Start Program, each class is limited to 5 people.  These monthly classes require registration.  You may call to register 2 days prior to the start of each monthly sessions.

Junior Tennis Classes with Ben

MEMBER Rate for Monthly Classes:

1 CLASS PER WEEK – $50/Month
2 CLASSES PER WEEK – $100/Month

NON-MEMBER Rate for Monthly Classes

1 CLASS PER WEEK – $78/ Month
2 CLASSES PER WEEK – $156/Month

Pricing does not include tax.  Non-Members must pay at the front desk before participating in any activity.


RED BALL 1 (Ages 4-10) – 1 HOUR

This class is for students to learn to play and rally on 36’ court with red balls. Students will learn movement, balance and motor skill development along with self and partner rallying skills and advance elements of match play.

RED BALL 2 (Ages 5-7) – 1 HOUR

This class will continue to develop the skills gained in Red Ball 1.  Players will learn hitting with topspin, simple tactics and the ability to rally with consistency and directional changes.

ORANGE BALL (Ages 8-12)-1 HOUR

This class is for students with some experience and the ability to rally.  Students will learn the basics of match play and consistency on a 60’ court with orange balls.

GREEN BALL (Ages 8-13) – 1 HOUR

Players focus on stroke development and learning concepts of offense and defense in match play strategies and tactics.  Play is generally with green balls on 78’ courts.

HS PREP 1 (Ages 12-18)- 1 HOUR

This class is for Junior High JV beginner players on a 78’ court with green or yellow balls.  The students will focus on development and advancement of strokes, forehand, backhand, volleys, serve and an understanding of the tennis courts and basic strategies.

HS PREP 2 (Ages 12-18) – 1 HOUR

Advanced beginner to intermediate High School players who are learning tactics and strategy and getting ready to match play.  Play is generally with green balls on 78’courts.

Private Tennis Lessons with Ben

Ben has a wide variety of times available for private and semi-private tennis lessons. Contact the Front Desk and your information will be given to Ben to call you and schedule an appointment to arrange for tennis lessons. Ben is a USTA Certified Tennis Professional.

Junior Tennis at Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center

For more information about our Junior Tennis program here at KTAC, click here.

Junior Tennis Classes and Tennis Lessons with Ben at KTAC