Certified Group Fitness Instructors – Aquatic

Certified Group Fitness Instructors – Aquatic

January 1, 2018 Employment 0

Job Description

HOURS: Up to 25 hours a week
STARTING RANGE: Depending on Qualifications

The Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center (KTAC) is seeking an Aquatic Staff to create a safe and positive atmosphere that promotes member safety and engagement in accordance with KTAC policies and procedures. Provide direct leadership, instruction and motivation for students in aquatic classes.

Key Responsibilities
• Promote a positive environment that fosters fun, safety.
• Maintain good public relations with members and always represent the best interests of KTAC.
• Encourage member and parent involvement and identify potential volunteers.
• Arrive with ample time to report to position at the scheduled time.
• Be responsible and fulfill your commitments to scheduled shifts.  Notify an Aquatics Director personally and in a timely manner if you are unable to meet your commitment.  This includes illness and extenuating circumstances.
• Assist other staff and perform other duties as requested. Assume other responsibilities as mutually agreed upon with the Director of Aquatics.

• Be constantly aware of all activities in the pool and on the deck.
• Know and enforce rules, as necessary, to ensure the health and safety of all participants.
• Be familiar with all emergency procedures and the functioning of emergency equipment.
• Keep the deck, program center, storage room and equipment clean and uncluttered.
• Administer first aid when required. Notify Program Staff or Building Supervisor immediately. Make sure the person in charge completes an accident report and, if necessary, a rescue data report.
• Report for duty with sufficient time to check lifesaving equipment, to be in the proper and appropriate lifeguard uniform, and to be briefed on any changes of schedule or procedures.
• Understand and follow KTAC emergency procedures.  Notify an Aquatics Director and/or Building Supervisor if an incident or accident occurs.
• Insure the safety of our members at all times by scanning, enforcing rules, and keeping the walkways and exit areas clean and clear.
• Insure the cleanliness by following sanitation policies for the pool deck and monitoring the pool chemistry as directed.
• Inspect and maintain all safety and first-aid equipment daily.  If an item is in ill repair, notify the Director of Aquatics immediately.
• Maintain a level of fitness necessary to perform required lifeguard and swim instructor skills.
• Assist with keeping accurate records of pool chemistry tests, member usage charts, and safety inspections.  Document all accidents and incidents utilizing the proper forms and issue copies to the appropriate management.

• Attend all trainings and meetings as directed. 
• Maintain all required certifications.
• Pass written and physical tests conducted at guard/swim instructor training sessions.
• Teach advanced classes that pertain to your specialization.
• Attend additional pertinent trainings to further your goals.

Additional Duties
• Model our KTAC values through fun, positive relationships with staff and members. Seek every opportunity to encourage, motivate and thank fellow staff members for their work.
• Be enthusiastic toward members and staff by learning their names and expressing an interest in their KTAC activities. Strive to enrich their KTAC experience by introducing them to new programs, staff, members and volunteer activities.
• Maintain a consistent, professional image through dress, actions, and relationships with others.
• Participate in applicable training and conferences to further professional growth as outlined in annual training plan.
• Participate in staff meetings and other Association or branch Committees, as needed.


• Minimum age of 16.
• Certifications: CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED, Basic First Aid certification, Oxygen Administration. 
• Willingness and ability to maintain certification-level of physical and mental readiness. The ability to pass lifeguard tests, physical and oral, at all times.
• Ability to adequately observe participant activities, and enforce safety regulations, and apply appropriate policies and procedures.
• Experience in Aquatic Instruction.
• Ability to adequately render first-aid.
• Ability to deal positively with both staff and members.
• The willingness to become skilled at various aquatic programs.
• Physical Demands
• Ability to pass lifeguard water test.
• Must be able to remain alert.
• Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods and lift 40 lbs.
• Adequate ability to hear noises and distinguish distress signals.
• Ability to continuously scan all areas of the pool with clear vision.
• Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks necessary for a water rescue.
• Ability to act swiftly in an emergency situation.
• Ability to communicate verbally in a clear and concise manner, including projecting voice across distance in normal and loud situations.