About Us

About KTAC

The Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Center was established in 1970 as a member-owned, not-for-profit (C)(7) social club dedicated to the service of its members and operated by a member elected Board of Directors. This 60,000 square foot facility is located on 12 wooded acres.

Today the Center is 501(c)(3) Non-Profit corporation home to 4 indoor and 4 outdoor tennis courts, 4 racquetball courts, a well equipped exercise facility, a competition-sized saltwater pool, a hot tub, 2 saunas, a member’s lounge, a large main floor lounge for fitness classes, public rentals and member activities.

Mission Statement

KTAC – Serving our community and youth through an unparalleled racquet sports, aquatics and fitness experience.

Vision Statement

KTAC strives to be the premier facility in Kitsap County for the health and wellness of youth, individuals, families and community, by providing opportunities for physical fitness, recreation, education and character development through racquet sports, aquatics and fitness.


You are a valued and welcomed individual at KTAC along with all others in the community. We choose to welcome community based organizations, outreach programs, private schools, academies, church schools and special populations. At KTAC everyone plays! Everyone has fun!


You and your family are welcome and encouraged to be involved as volunteers, committee members, and members of the Board of Directors. The more that families are involved the stronger you and the others become in your sport(s) and other activities. The KTAC community recognizes involvement as very important and tries to support it in ways that suit the talents and time of members.

Honesty and Good Sporting Conduct

You will be expected to honor good sporting conduct at all times. During tennis matches, as a student/player, you may make line calls, keeps score and game counts. Under the pressure of competition, your good character and that of your opponent may be stressed, but it is absolutely essential to maintain it. The personal integrity developed during sport matches can help shape decisions you make later in life. So, use your sport activities, games and matches to make the right call—even when a game is on the line. Treat yourself with respect and be respectful your opponents, teammates, peers, coaches and parents.


Teamwork is one of life’s most valuable lessons. A coach, like an orchestra conductor, must teach teamwork over talent. Every player in every sport is important. Every player has something to offer and every player is part of a team that can perform above and exceed the talents of individual team members.


At KTAC you will find the know-how to fuel self-discipline on the court and other sporting activites. Avoid behaviors that could destroy your personal values.


KTAC works with schools: public, private and home-taught, to develop attitudes of “work hard” and “play hard” atmosphere. Educational groups and the KTAC staff work together to provide group lessons and individual tutoring in a wide range of sports and activities.


You are aware of the characteristics in a good leader. KTAC will lead by example to teach and build on those characteristics.


Follow through is important in tennis, golf and other sports and activities. To build trust, show others that you care about them by following through on what you say you will do. When others trust you, they pay more attention to what you have to say.


Because all participants are important at KTAC, it is a place where you can discover purpose and responsibility. Respect is another reward of good sporting conduct.