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Development Pathway

Development Pathway


Learn The Game of Your life – Start Today!

Our Junior Development Pathway is designed to progress children through age and skill level appropriate game based play situations in a fun, caring, coaching environment to let them enjoy and learn the game of a lifetime for recreation and competition. It starts as early as age 4 and continues…

What is 10 and Under Tennis?

We do our best to support the efforts that the USTA has already established to help develop youth tennis in the USA. 10 and Under Tennis uses full sized courts and adds lines within the standard dimensions to create kid-sized courts and kid-sized equipment. We use different balls for the kids to play with and they are color coded. These balls bounce lower, don’t move as fast through the air and are easier to hit which supports building confidence.

The tennis racquets for kids under 10 are also sized for small hands and courts are smaller and easier to play in for the little ones. By using this format, the benefits are immediate and within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and very excited to keep playing.

Arnel believes the more successful a tennis player becomes the more the game is enjoyed. He is excited to be involved in the KTAC program because it seeks the best for players of all ages and levels.

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Red Ball 1 (Ages 4-10) Red Ball

  • Play and rally on 36’ courts with RED balls.
  • Learn hand eye coordination and movement.
  • Enjoys tennis-related games and activities.

Red Ball 2 (Ages 4-10) Red Ball

  • Play and rally on 36’ courts with RED balls.
  • Basics of tennis including grips, stroke production, movement, balance and tennis etiquette.
  • Integrate partner rallying, and advanced of elements of match play.

Rookies (Ages 8-12) Orange Ball

  • Play and rally on 60′ courts with ORANGE balls.
  • Stroke production, consistency, singles and doubles strategy, scoring, movement, balance, tennis etiquette, and more.

High School Prep 2 (Ages 8-15) Green Ball

  • Play and rally on 78′ courts with GREEN balls.
  • Advanced beginner to intermediate players who are learning tactics and strategy in preparation for match play.

Highschool Prep 1 (Ages 12-18) Green Ball

  • Play and rally on 78′ courts with GREEN ball.
  • HS 101 Class: Learn basics of tennis including grips, strokes, movement, tennis etiquette, and making tennis ‘FUN’ for teenagers.
  • Challengers: Focus on advanced skills and singles and doubles strategy for juniors wanting to start playing in competitive tournaments.

Green Intermediate (Ages 12-18) Green Ball

  • Play and rally on 78′ courts with GREEN ball.
  • Stroke production, consistency, singles and doubles strategy, scoring, movement, balance, tennis etiquette, and more!
  • Especially catered for the junior wanting to start playing competitive tournaments and league play.


When to recognize that they are ready for competitive tournaments


Age, physical ability and skill level may begin to influence a desire to play harder, faster and against older or more capable players at their own age. This is for dedicated, hardworking high level club juniors, varsity high school players and interested in USTA tournaments. With help from the professional staff at the club we can recommend the best placement. Ongoing development includes many variables that help to determine the level of practice and when they are ready for competitive tournaments.

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Local Tournaments

To find out more about local tennis tournaments in our area you can call our club, click on this banner or visit for more information.

Intermediate Level 2 Drills (Ages 10-15)

  • Intermediate level players. Low High School junior varsity level.
  • Class expected to move up from All Stars group.
  • Understanding of stroke fundamentals, scoring and game play.
  • Concepts of consistency and ball placement taught.

High School 102 (Ages 12-18)

  • High level junior varsity level players and all high level varsity players.
  • Emphasis on doubles and singles point play.
  • Players expected to have competent level of consistency, placement and control.

Advanced Junior Drills

  • Challengers, Champs and High School Level varsity level players.
  • Focus on sets, game play, conditioning and point play.

Tournament Level Drills

  • High School level junior varsity and varsity players.
  • USTA junior challenger and champ tournament level players. 3.5+ skill wise adult level players.

Elite Junior Drills

  • USTA tournament level players.
  • High level champ & challenger players.
  • Varsity level High School players.
  • Open to high level adult

Advanced Drills Juniors and Adults

  • High School Varsity players.
  • NTRP Adults 4.0-4.5.
  • High level challengers to champ.



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