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Power Outage Update

Saturday, Oct. 22

Good Evening Everyone,

It surely has been a long week but I am happy to pass along an update with some GOOD NEWS!!

I spent most of Friday at the Center with the electrician. We were able to get the replacement breakers shipped overnight from California and installed Friday afternoon and immediately started some initial testing. We spent today at the Center continuing to test equipment and am happy to report that we will be opening the Center on Monday with a few limitations! The electrician will be back on Monday to continue working on a few more items.

  1. There are a number of lights out of commission. The electrical surge damaged a number of control ballasts. This will effect common areas as well as the Tennis Courts.
  2. Heat in the building will be limited in some areas. The controllers that burned will need to be replaced before heat is available (this especially affects the locker rooms). Our first priority was to get main power to the building.
  3. The air handler by the racquetball courts will not be operational until further testing is done.
  4. The pool will not be in operation for another week. Due to the extensive dormant time, the pool will need to be partially drained and re-filled along with a full chemical re-set and reheating.
  5. Testing on the fitness equipment will be accomplished over the weekend by KTAC staff. There may be a few machines that will require additional testing.
  6. There may be some unknown electrical problems that may not appear until we are in full operation. If you see anything suspicious, please promptly notify the front desk or any staff member.
You will be able to begin making court reservations for Monday starting at 12 noon on Sunday (both online and on the phone).

This is a great time for our swimmers to try out some other areas of the Center including attending any of our fitness classes.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Cathy Huny
General Manager

Friday, Oct. 21 - 7:30 p.m.

The KTAC Board would like to thank our General Manager, Cathy Hunt, for working tirelessly through the weekend and into the nights since last Friday in response to the unprecedented storm related electrical event at the Center. Cathy has worked with the KTAC employees, Puget Sound Energy, the insurance adjustor, and 17(!!!) electricians to come to this point where we have qualified electricians ready (and willing) to assess the damage and to begin work. Cathy will also be arranging billing adjustments to ensure adjusted/pro-rated invoices will cover only the days that the Center was open for use. Many people are working diligently and quickly to get the Center up and running in a safe manner.

The good news: It looks like insurance will cover this, and we may come out of this situation with some necessary electrical upgrades and new equipment/lighting. In fact, this is excellent news, because the cost of the damage could run well into the tens of thousands. We can also be very thankful that the electrical fires appear not to have spread beyond the circuitry boxes, and THAT NO ONE WAS HURT!

Again, thank you to Cathy and our KTAC crew for doing everything that they can to get the lights back on.

Thursday, Oct. 20

It has been a busy time trying to coordinate electricians, PSE & insurance. I had hoped to send out more frequent updates but a lot of my time over the last week has been spent at the Center without power. So here is the latest, the electricians were on-site today and were able to remove the main breaker and two feeder breakers. All three will need to be replaced. They were able to order these parts now that they have been safely removed from the panel. We expect them to arrive tomorrow so that the initial work can begin. Once those are safely installed the electricians will begin testing systems and equipment throughout the facility. We will not be able to open until it is safe to do so. At this time, I anticipate that the Center will be closed until early next week.

The pool will likely be closed longer because it will require more time to reheat the pool and balance the chemicals. I will continue to provide updates as new information is available. We sincerely appreciate your continued support, understanding, and patience as we work through these issues.

Thank you,
Cathy Hunt
General Manager

Tuesday, Oct. 18

We were able to get one electrician out to the Center yesterday and one today. Both electricians confirmed our findings from this weekend that we need to replace the main power breaker and feeder breaker. We will not be able to determine any further damage to systems and equipment until that is done.

Additionally, I was able to have a preliminary meeting with the insurance adjuster today. I hope to have more information soon from the electrician as to when parts will arrive and can be installed. We will not be able to open until power can be safely restored. At this point, I anticipate that the Center will be closed for the rest of the week.

I will continue to provide updates as new information is available. We really appreciate your continued support, understanding, and patience as we work through these issues.

Cathy Hunt
General Manager

Sunday, Oct. 16

On Friday morning, KTAC experienced a power surge. The Center was closed because of lack of sufficient power to run equipment and facilities. Initial investigations on Friday, showed no sign of damage but limited power was available to the building.

On Saturday morning, the power was still out to several parts of the building. Upon investigation, it was found that 2 different load centers for the blower controllers in the downstairs maintenance room had experienced electrical fires overnight. The fires were contained within the UL approved metal circuitry boxes. The discovery of the burnt load centers prompted staff to investigate the cause of the damage. During investigation, it was found that the main circuit breaker to the building will not trip or reset correctly. In addition, the main breaker directly below will not trip or reset either.

Based on the main breaker and feed breaker being in a deranged state, the decision was made to close the Center until further notice. Currently, there is no way to secure power to the building in a safe manner. We have secured all power panels and unplugged all appliances that are accessible.

We believe an outside surge, possibly from a lightning strike, damaged the breakers sending an unknown amount of power into the electrical system which caused damage to the breakers and load centers. There are multiple branches crossing the power lines by the street and this could have caused a short to our building. PSE was able to come out late this afternoon, removed the branches and replaced a fuse. Unfortunately, the damage is done and will require further investigation.

We cannot accurately assess the true amount of electrical damage until power is fully restored to the building which may be several days. The Center will remain closed until it is determined to be safe to run the equipment and facility. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this issue.

Cathy Hunt
General Manager

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